SEE Engagement

We’re SEE – Engagement. We have unique relationships with entities in sports and entertainment across the world. This ranges from the English Premier League and grassroots clubs to music artist management. Our main goal is to deliver content and engage with fans, we do this in many ways.

By leveraging these relationships, we help entities distribute original and existing content to their own fan base via mobile networks, applications and media partners ensuring that their fans keep receiving the content they love, and the same content is pushed through to new, previously untapped, markets and audiences in breaking territories.

Mailing list databases serve their purpose, but engagement across the board is low and we know that sometimes you can struggle to push a message and engage with these fans. Even the largest entities have these issues.

Online and offline data and marketing, activity all orchestrated by SEE to audiences allows an entity to know their true number of fans, and gives them a direct way to contact them and measure engagement. Just one of the many benefits of this is that relationships with sponsors are affirmed and partners can see a direct return on investment.

At SEE – Engagement, we know that one solution does not fit all, however – we’ve built some systems that we can easily adapt to your situation. We have a content management system for media, this allows content to be hosted securely and privately. Other solutions can include the use of a database and application management system we call the Live Platform, and being a global strategic partner of Mastercard in sports and entertainment, processing payments is second nature to us.

We could tell you about everything that we do – and are capable of doing – but that would be long and unnecessary. If you would like to learn more about how we could work with you and help your business, simply get in touch via phone or email.

Case Study

Body: *Note, the club name and references have been removed due to an NDA between the entities*
Territory: South Africa

The brief was to create a fan base to exploit the untapped sponsorship market in Africa.
Timing was not ideal as South Africa was staging the World Cup finals and FIFA sponsors had secured the majority of the media and advertising inventory.
The department of transport sanctioned that all fans would have to park in central car parks in and around Johannesburg, then be transported to and from the stadiums in buses, free of charge.

SEE – Engagement’s Director, Nigel Tatlock, secured inventory within the buses that delivered a “call to action” to the fans who had on average 30 minutes’ travel time to the stadium. The action was for a mobile phone response and virtually all were engaged as a captive audience.

1.4 million customer management records in three days.
The club secured €7.6M in sponsorships by virtual of being able to provide a fan base for sponsors to engage with.
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This is just one of many examples of how SEE - Engagement can help engage with an entity's fans worldwide in a variety of online and offline programmes, promoting the growth of databases and recognition of the users for the clubs across any territory leading to a greater monetisation potential and return for the club.