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SEE – Engagement’s Content Management System supports and runs OTT platforms, allowing users to stream videos from anywhere at any time, via the CMS. The Sportslocker service is available to be integrated into applications, website and portals and has the ability to support third party billing solutions. Our platforms support flexible billing daily, weekly or monthly, empowering your consumers with flexibility to suit their budgets for accessing premium content. We are also happy to consider ad funded models as an alternative.

If you're looking for an off-the-shelf product to take straight to your consumers that's ready to go today, adding extra value to an existing service, look no further than the SportsLocker. The OTT system is also white label-able to distribute your own content to implement any way you'd like.

The content that SEE - Engagement distribute to the OTT platform are ready-to-watch, engaging clips that range from pre and post match interviews to in-match play and behind-the-scenes content. Sportslockers and SEE - Engagement's OTT offering is perfect for fans of any sport. The videos are current and produced daily covering football, golf, cricket, rugby, American football and many other sports.

To find out how the platform could work for you, or how we could implement this into your existing products and services, contact us below.

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SportsLocker is a new service developed by SEE - Engagement capturing every moment in sports and delivering it instantly to any device across the world. With short bitesize videos; highlights, roundups, breakdowns and more there is never a moment of action missed - on or off the pitch.

The SportsLocker site delivers sports content 24 hours around the clock with coverage for over 12 key categories of sports, from Football, Cricket and Golf to MMA, Boxing and Extreme sports.

Hundreds of videos a day are delivered by SportsLocker, making it ideal for quick and convenient consumption. See what the manager said in the post-match interview minutes after it happened, watch the highlights and key coverage from The Open as it's happening.

SportsLocker's content is compelling and engaging, and versatile for our partners with the ability to bill for content and create a premium VAS for consumers or integrate the free ad-player into your site and earn extra revenue, contact us now and see how SportsLocker could work for you.