At SEE – Engagement we offer best in class products for both companies and consumers within a digital experience, our services include bespoke product development, providing a solution to meet your goal or brief.

Our services include:



SportsWk is a magazine that is relaunching with a fresh face in 2018, providing a broad view on the biggest stories in sport from around the globe. The magazine that gets to the heart of the story from the world of sport. Each week we have in-depth articles and interviews with the biggest names in the sporting industry uncovering the real player. The publication is weekly and comes in an interactive format.


SEE has developed a sophisticated ticketing platform versatile enough to be tailored to any event. Ranging from sporting fixtures and tournaments to music festivals and commercial functions, we can adapt this software to your requirements and implement it with ease. The benefits? Simple. Our online registration and booking allows users to effortlessly generate their ticket online therefore, once it has been created, it is stored electronically which, in turn, dramatically reduces the risk of loss. When it comes to the day of the event, the QR reader will be on the door meaning the consumer will have to do nothing more than tap their smartphone on the reader.